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How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In this era where fake is the new normal, it is not surprising that many retailers sell fake or cheap copies of the finest designer goods. It is indeed unfortunate that you frantically purchase a high-quality designer bag, spend an excessive amount on it and end up with a fake product.

Louis Vuitton, a French luxury fashion store, is a fine and one of the most expensive designers. It is not only magnificent but also holds a great resale value.

Due to this, it has many replicas running in markets, claiming to be the real thing. So, the question arises how will you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag?


The reason a Louis Vuitton bag is so expensive lies in its quality. They don’t compromise on the materials they use and the quality of these bags is their topmost priority. A genuine Louis Vuitton bag is made from top-notch leather, crocodile, or camel skin, and it feels smooth and fine.

While a fake one is usually made from vinyl or polyester and has a rough feel. You can hold a Louis Vuitton bag and can instantly tell that you’re holding the real treasure.

Monogram Placement:

You know sometimes you see something and it just feels off. You can not figure out what it is but you know that something is different. Well, this is exactly what it feels like when you buy a fake Louis

Vuitton bag. Their logo is the first thing anyone notices. It is imprinted in almost all of their designs.

It’s hard to tell but in fake bags, the monogram will be slightly tilted or cut off from the edges. As for the real one, the logo will be placed accurately in the middle.

Tags & Letters:

A real Louis Vuitton handbag does not come with a tag on the outside. It doesn’t contain any pins or plastic for tags. Usually, the tags are placed inside. The letters of the label are something to examine if you’re spotting a fake Louis Vuitton bag. They are quite distinctive.

For example, in the first letter L, the horizontal line of L doesn’t end properly, you’d feel there’s more to it. The O is perfectly round and not elliptical, and the T’s are so close that it may look like they’re joined together but actually they are not.


If you’re paying that much money then it must be something extraordinary right? The stitching of the real Louis Vuitton bag is just flawless. That’s where your money goes. You will not find any loose ends, uneven sewing, or irregular format. The finishing is the one thing those fake ones can never copy. The stitching line of these bags is so smooth and immaculate that your heart will declare that it’s worth spending your fortune on.

Date Codes:

You may already know that Louis Vuitton does not actually use a bar code but rather a date code that signifies when the bag is made and where. It wasn’t present in the bags manufactured in the 80s but all the bags that are produced lately have this specific code hidden somewhere inside. It is usually imprinted in a leather piece secluded inside the bag.

This is another peculiar element furnished in these bags that makes them stand out from the crowd of fake ones. And will make you emerge from the flock of the fabricated world too. With its high demand and its super expensive price tags, it has become really common to replicate it. Though, it sometimes could get really hard to identify this plagiarism. Even a lover of these bags could fall into the trap of accidentally buying a fake bag for the money of a real one. But, with some factors kept in mind, you can identify the fake Louis Vuitton from the authentic masterpiece. After all, even cheating demands agility.

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