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Top Must Haves to Date: Resale Value & Popular Grabs

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

What a woman loves more than a gorgeous dress? A lavish handbag to go with, of course! Every fashion lover requires a handbag to complete her dazzling look. Every woman dreams to have their hands on at least one of the most exclusive designer bags for their closet, even though that one bag may cost them their entire month’s salary. But for a true fashionista, the cost is pretty much worth it.

Jumping into it, we will mention some of the trendiest and most exclusive bags you can find on-market. We are talking about a bang for your buck — which handbags hold superiority when it comes to resale value and what are must-have for your inner diva. \

Hermes (Birkin):

You can not talk about handbags and not mention Hermes in the list. It’s “a crime against fashion” as Rachel Zoe (a world-renowned celebrity stylist) would say. Hermes manufactures one of the most expensive and top-quality handbags in the world. Their Birkin collection is currently the trendiest and most talked about totes to date. It’s the most sophisticated and timeless bag you could find — if you can get your hands on it. Everyone is raving about it; have you heard?

Well, it’s available in various colors, textures, and patterns — this beauty is enough to complete your look and makes you look divine. The price? Well it’s definitely not made for a coke bottle pocket book, as my mom would say. It ranges from $15,000 to a whopping $150,000. That’s a home, maybe a car depending on your life-style. Go figure it’s a celebrities favorite! To top-it-off, Hermes is number one in resale value retention, as their bags retain 90% of their value in the resale market!

Chanel (Quilted):

Chanel, a french fashion brand established in the 20th century, is one the most expensive and luxurious brand out there for accessories. Their quilted handbags have been the talk of the town for quite a long time now. You cannot call yourself a diva if you don’t own any Chanel accessories.

These quilted handbags have become their signature design. Nothing defines glamour as much as this bag does. Comes in various designs and colors, this is a must-have for your closet. A Chanel classic quilted bag is all you need to finish your day’s look. And with all of the price increases they’re neck-and-neck with Hermes’ Birkin and Kelly handbags. What’s a girl to do, other than

grab both? Okay, maybe not at one time. It’s no secret that Chanel has adopted their exclusivity and pricing strategy from Hermes, as of recently, but with their resale value being at 75% of their original value and have boosted 12% since 2020 — it’s not a bad strategy at all. But are you selling or buying?

Prada ( Re-Edition):

If the devil is wearing Prada then it must be worth it. Prada’s Re-edition nylon handbags hold sentimental values seeing that it keeps coming back. This baby first debuted in the 2000s and have made a great comeback recently. Twenty years of holding onto an iconic design, well I think that’s an automatic must-have and a keeper. This bag is the most comfortable and sophisticated bag for your everyday wear.

If you are feeling nostalgic then you should definitely grab this bag — with a ray of different colors, fabrics, and patterns you can never have too many. These handbags range from $1,000 up to $3,000 — but don’t let that stop you, this is nothing compared to the Chanel & Hermes. The real secret is, since it’s so trendy everyone wants it and this one bag is selling for 110% of it’s original retail price, so get it while it’s still hot! They might not hold the same class as Chanel or Hermes, but they are the best investment for your daily life and don’t forget stylish!

Bottega Veneta (Chain Cassette):

Bottega has to be the Picasso for the fashion industry. Their spectacular shoes and handbags surely do cost an arm and a leg but their quality, style, elegance, and durability make up for it. The Italian not only make fantastic pasta, but also manufactures the trendiest and eye gawking, chic woven handbags.

Bottega Veneta’s Chain Cassette bag is the ultimate diva with grace and delicacy altogether. It’s design: kind of chunky and square but it still looks luxurious and sophisticated. It has a gold-toned heavy-metal crossbody strap, the same chain for a tote handle, and not-to-mention it comes in

numerous colors and textures. You’ll never see another brand like it and when you see it, you know it! Seeing that it’s semi-versatile, you can wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody. This beauty starts at around $4,000 to $4,500 and will certainly make you look and feel expensive. Oh yeah, when this hot commodity is being re-sold it retains 87% of it’s retail value — putting it up there with Hermes’ resale value. If that doesn’t tell you something then what will? That’s what’s called a bang-for-your-buck!


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