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Founder of D|+ Sign KelCHer
Lakisha Locus

"If botox can freeze your youthful smile, why can't we do the same [restoring] each one of your items?!"

Hi there, We're D|+ Sign KelCHer...

/dəˈzīn/   Culture 

Who We Are

D|+ Sign KelCHer was founded in 2021 with one thing in mind: "Turning something old, into someone else's new."  At D|+ Sign KelCHer we're always working to find solutions to extend the life of your favorite pieces — because the luxury isn't attached to the price, but the quality that is passed down from generation to generation. If botox can freeze your youthful smile, why can't we do the same for each one of your items?! We work hard to not only pro-long the life of your favorite pieces, but also to share the appreciation for the concept of a bang for your buck and that's exactly what we offer with our online consignment boutique. 


Extend the Life Cycle of Luxury

Our goal is to transform the consignment industry into not only a retail experience that feels just as luxurious as buying it from the designer stores themselves; but also provide a center where you can have your item restored all in one . Too often do your most favorite items sit on the shelf or get tossed out, due signs to wear & tear or even a deprivation of getting a new bag because it's out of your desired price range. Not anymore. At D|+ Sign KelCHer our shopping experience is one that is worthy of the investment our clients make, especially when we seek to offer a safe haven for luxury. Visit our showroom today to experience the D|+ Sign KelCHer difference!


 Buy Well. Rebuild. Resell.


/dəˈzīn/   Culture 

Our People

D|+ Sign KelCHer is a pre-owned luxury handbag, online "OP. Shop" (consignment shop), founded with a simple goal in mind: "Revamp, Restore, Repeat". We work hard to make luxury handbags, shoes, & minis available just for you. 


Our online store was founded by like-minded individuals, dedicated to building an easy online shopping solution -- where you can forget about wondering: Is this a fake? At  D|+Sign KelCHer, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.

D|+ Sign KelCHer keeps authentic, on trend, merchandise.



A green leaf, representing D|+ Sign KelCHer's dedication to recycle and keep the amount of items going to the landfill down.



D|+ Sign KelCHer 100% Authenticity Guarantee badge.







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